When’s the last time you had your cooling tower cleaned?

Without proper maintenance, blockages and corrosion caused by the nutrients, airborne dirt and debris collected within different components, can lead to significant damage and potential failure of the entire system. When a system is neglected or not cleaned properly, motors burn out. Sometimes, replacement of the system is imminent.

Cooling towers should also be properly maintained for health reasons. Legionella, which can be found in moist environments and water sources, can spread over a vast area due to drift, carrying the bacteria from the tower and causing Legionnaires’ disease.

How often should you have your cooling tower cleaned?

It is recommended to have your cooling tower cleaned properly twice a year. The best times to do so would be before the start of cooling season and after shutdown in the fall.

How can you do your part to keep your cooling tower clean and in good working order?

  1. Flush out the water from the tower drain every few weeks; this prevents sediment and algae from collecting in the water basin
  2. Keep the surfaces of the cooling tower clean
  3. Clear debris
  4. Ensure pump is working properly
  5. Check belt and oil levels
  6. Inspect water distribution system and clean water nozzles frequently

System Tech Services Inc is a locally owned and operated mechanical contractor that has been cleaning cooling towers in Central Florida for over 20 years.

We can help you extend the life of your cooling towers by servicing different components throughout the systems, from the rooftop fan housing on down to sump pit. Our Account Executives meet with you to assess how we can best service each system. Our goal is always to save you time and money by keeping you efficient.

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